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We are extremely happy with the caliber of guys that we have been receiving from ULG Skilled Trades. So happy that we have turned all of our temporary needs over to ULG. Their response time for everything we need is faster than anything we have ever seen before.

“ULG Skilled Trades has set the mark for Skilled Trades Staffing Companies. They always exceed our expectations with the quality of guys that we receive in a depleted workforce. ULG Skilled Trades is always our first call when we need additional help.”

I have been working with ULG for 5 years off and on and I always come back. ULG has always taken care of me, there’s no other agencies out there that offer the same dedication as you!

I can always count on ULG to keep me working, Greg and his team always take care of me!

ULG has been a wonderful experience for me, so much so that I gave the information about the job to a few friends of mine that were able to experience the same opportunities that I have been able to enjoy and they thank me every day for getting them into ULG.

When I first heard about ULG I was skeptical about what they could do for me. But after talking to [them they were] a great help. [They] walked me through the application process and gave me any and all information about my first job assignment. And after I started working for ULG [they were] available to me with any questions that I had. Then after the job ended I was only out of work for just a few days when [they were] able to get me into another employment opportunity. I have been lucky enough to be at my current job for 3 months now.

ULG has been a godsend for me. At the time I started working for ULG I was really struggling financially and have since been able to pay my rent and any other bills I have. Thank You [ULG]. You have been great, you have changed my life for the better and I thank you for that.

Ironworker, ULG Skilled Trades Division

ULG has been a great company to work for. It’s only been three weeks and i can already tell they do things right and look out for us employees. Per diem is reasonable but could be better but considering the quality of their employees and handling of any issues it makes up for it. Overall I would give them a 9/10.

Electrician, ULG Skilled Trades Division

Moving back to the Seattle area from the East Coast without having a job lined out was a little daunting. ULG helped me find a good opportunity in the right field in a limited amount of time. That relieved some pressure in a challenging time.


Thanks for staying on top of things. You make being a contractor comfortable!

Contractor, ULG Staffing