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The best staffing agency hands down! On site weekly, addresses concerns immediately and always friendly. Exclusively used for over 12 years. I would highly recommend to everyone. – Awesome Team! Thanks for all you do.

Warehouse Manager, Large Indiana Facility

“Want to start all of this with ULG has been a great company to work for and with, I have had no issues with getting work or having to be on a delay or waiting for them to find work. These guys make sure you are taken care of, bringing you water, Gatorade, monsters, lunch, come onto the job site and make sure it’s a safe and reliable work environment for you. I’m glad I work here because I would rather work with ULG then get on somewhere else. Insurance is awesome, this company is just all around awesome. Good place to work, they offer so much. All you have to do is take a chance and they won’t let you down. Thanks, ULG!”

Carpenter, ULG Skilled Trades

ULG skilled trades has been awesome!!! [The ULG Team] has gone above and beyond to make sure that I have been taken care of… Furthermore they have contracts with top contractors here in Columbus Ohio and strive to be better every day. The support that [the team] has given has been amazing I could never ask for a better rep… [ULG] stays on top of [their] end and if anything comes up on my end, [they] moves heaven and Earth to resolve it before the close of the business day that day… I would recommend any skilled tradesmen to look here before going anywhere else I have worked for all of the top skilled trades companies out here and you won’t find one better then ULG Skilled Trades here in Columbus… Thank you […] ULG, you have found me my forever job and opened so many doors I thought closed. I am forever grateful for everything you have done… Calling all skill tradesmen – [ULG] has a job for you! Call the office and start working it’s that simple

Electrician, ULG Skilled Trades

I am truly grateful for this company. I was a little weary about going through a temp service, but they gave me an awesome opportunity and now I work full time through the company. Christina was very helpful with anything I needed over the course of the time I worked through them and was awesome with everything in general. Thank you ULG!!!

Plumber, ULG Skilled Trades

ULG Skilled Trades has always done an excellent job recruiting quality skilled tradesmen at the right time that allowed projects to be completed on time and under budget.

Electrical Company Client

ULG Staffing is a valued business partner and truly appreciative of their commitment to our business. Providing a viable, cost effective and quality source to our staffing needs.

Plant Manager, Automotive Facility

ULG Staffing management team was involved, professional and consistent with a high level of communication, service and support. Throughout the initial weeks ULG Staffing management team was onsite to ensure that the staff was well prepared and working efficiently. If there were any issues or concerns, they quickly resolved it with passion and effectiveness.

Director, National Distribution Facility

ULG Staffing is an excellent source for our staffing needs. ULG Staffing is a consistent and effective resource for our work force needs, allowing us to improve our time management and increase productivity while reducing our overhead on recruiting and labor cost.

EVP, Automotive Facility

I’m pleased with approach to addressing things that disrupt a company. The willingness to discuss, brain storm and find a solution to the issue, make a decision and act on it. In the situations we have had to deal with; I’m pleased with the outcome. Realizing how hard it is to find qualified help, I appreciate the perseverance. Thank you for your help!

President, Large Company

The amount of effort your team does to ensure the that you are getting us the right candidates and matching their skill sets with our needs has been great! The simple fact that I see a representative at my site weekly speaks volumes. I feel extremely confident when I ask ULG to find us skilled labor and when I refer ULG to my subcontractors and or colleagues.

Superintendent, Construction Company