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Success Built on Relationships

As a leading national construction, skilled trades, light industrial and general labor recruitment agency, ULG is obsessively focused on delivering quality and providing a seamless experience for our clients.

At ULG, we build lasting relationships with clients who share our unwavering work ethic and commitment to safety.  With nationwide reach and over 40 years of experience recruiting skilled professionals, we help businesses and contractors solve their immediate and long-term staffing challenges by providing contingent staffing solutions.

Count on us to:

  • Recruit skilled tradespeople with exceptional experience
  • Deploy the correct workers for the job for both short- and long-term projects
  • Understand different project cycles and plan accordingly
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs
  • Reduce workers’ compensation exposure and costs
  • Reduce SUTA/unemployment, administrative and overtime costs
  • Handle wage determination, reporting requirements and certified payroll on prevailing wage jobs

Our Specializations

Services Overview

ULG is a specialized skilled trade, light industrial and commercial recruitment agency that offers tailored solutions based on your unique needs. We provide a full range of workforce solutions in skilled trades, conveyor and general labor.

Manage variable workloads, busy seasons and large projects with skilled contingent help, 24/7.

Try one of our temporary employees on the job to evaluate their work at your location. Convert them to full time when you are ready.

ULG recruits and vets skilled pros, so you can choose from the best. Need a tough-to-find skill set or to replace a key player quickly? We can help you hire quickly and accurately.

Our Hiring Process

We deploy a stringent vetting and evaluation process to ensure you are getting skilled, reliable, safety-conscious and ethical employees for every job.

Learn what to expect from ULG